Metal.js is deprecated and only critical patches will be released in the future. See blog for more info.


Build UI components in a solid, flexible way.


Metal.js is not a library of components, but a foundation for creating the components you need.

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Used in numerous production environments already, Metal.js is the backbone of many frontend projects.

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Future Ready

By using ES6 we benefit from the best of JavaScript, while maintaining easy-to-read and clean code.

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Our Architecture


Metal.js components can be written in two templating languages, Soy (Google Closure), and JSX (React). Both are compiled to incremental dom which is used to progressively update DOM elements when component state updates. Therefore, you can spend less time doing manual DOM manipulation, and more time on what matters.


JSX is a preprocessor step that adds XML syntax to JavaScript, it allows you to write your component markup directly in your Metal.js component class. Keeping your logic and view close together.

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Soy is an isomorphic templating language that can be rendered in multiple development environments, and allows for advanced progressive ehancement. The template exists in its own file, seperate from your component's JavaScript.

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